Computer and/or hand quided stitching is done on a Gammill Optimum machine equipped with a Statler Stitcher.


Overall edge to edge patterns start at 1¢ per square inch.  Minimum $55.00


Custom or special treatment of blocks, borders and/or sashings start at 3¢ per square inch.  Minimum $150.00


Basting is figured at .005¢ per square inch.  Minimum $30.00


Multiply length times width of top to compute square inches. 


Thread charges:

      plain $6.00 minimum

      variegated $10.00 minimum

      specialty varies


Backing MUST be at least 6"-8" wider and longer than the top, eg - top 40 x 50,  backing MUST be at least 46 x 56.  The sides of the backing must be straight, e.g. no stair-step edges such as  __---.


Batting MUST be at least 3" wider and 3" longer than the top, eg - top 40 x 50, batting MUST  be at least 43 x 53.


Your top should be pressed, the backing must be square with no stair steps and all hanging threads should be removed to prevent spider veins.


Bring your own backing and batting or purchase them from AJ's.  A great selection of backings and all Quilters Dream battings are on hand. 


Help is available in selecting an appropriate quilting pattern and choosing thread to enhance your quilt.  We can also aid in selecting a backing and batting if needed.  A worksheet will be prepared listing everything to be done.   Prices for any products purchased will be listed.  Estimates for thread and quilting will be included.  A copy of this worksheet will be given to you. 


AJ will be most happy to consult with you on your quilting needs.  Stop in during our hours

of 10:30 am through 4:00 pm, Mon  thru  Sat or call 989-422-5276.



AJ's Quiltery

4532 W. Houghton Lake Dr.

Houghton Lake, MI 48629